We believe that getting the most out of your outdoor space involves an innovative blend of art and science. We work with your outdoor environment to enhance the land’s natural assets, applying the creativity and expertise developed over the course of 15 years. We have built our reputation on helping you get the best out of your landscape.

Growing Green offers full-service design and landscaping that includes:

  • Landscape Development: We start from scratch to create your custom landscape with services such as tree, shrub and bush planting, bed preparation, mulching, stone and rock work, along with new sod planting.
  • Landscape Enhancement: We work with your existing landscape to update and enhance the look with services such as shaping and beautifying existing beds, while adding visual or botanical texture through upgrading trees, plants and sod.
  • Pool landscaping: We create a backyard oasis built around your swimming pool so you can maximize the enjoyment of your outdoor area.